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Our Story

In a town called Sacramento...

Cody Martin Films is a group of specialized independent contractors. We understand that filmmaking is a collaborative and communal art form. In that, we understand that every role in the creation of film is different, and deserves the care and respect of life long devotion from the individuals who choose to master such. We believe that one company cannot master every aspect of film making. We use our strong network of contractors and professionals, who devote their lives to their chosen craft, for the execution of our projects.


Every artist involved in Cody Martin Films works for themselves, and only themselves. Hire one of us, or all of us. As a collective, and individuals, we strive to contribute to our film community and represent Sacramento not only in the creative space, but the commercial space, with good work and solid integrity.

We love Sacramento!

Meet The Team


Cody Martin



Ryan Sundquist

Assistant Director/Actor/Writer


Jason Green

Producer/Game Developer


Rylon Bird

Assistant Camera/Drone Operator


Sophia Weight

Art Director/Interior Designer

We are a collective of independent contractors, hire us all, or individually!

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