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Music Video for Grammy Winner, Fantastic Negrito and his song, "Push Back," directed by Jamie DeWolf.

Fantastic negrito - "Push Back"

Lighting & Grip Services



Lighting & Grip Services

Mononoke is a horror fantasy about, a grief stricken woman who find herself to be the victim of a monster’s bizarre torment, directed by Xang Yang.

CMF - Lighting Reel 2016
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Our Work

A newlywed couple struggle with feelings of inadequacy, jealousy, lust and envy while trying to smile through their wedding reception, directed by Curtis Corona.

Lighting & Grip Services



The Mars Interrogation is a sci-fi musical about, presumably the last human on earth, discovers the reason for disappearance of earths resources, directed by Ryan Maquis Gali.

Lighting & Grip Services

The Mars interrogation


Lighting/grip SERVICES

Cody Martin Films believes that lighting is the basis for emotional impact for all video productions. We provide crew, equipment, and transport. We strive to achieve lustrous lighting set-ups while being timely and safe. Grip and Electric crews can make or break the schedule of a film set. Don't be short handed, get a grip with Cody Martin Films.


What we offer

Lighting Technician for Hire

Grip Crew for Hire

3/4 Ton Grip Van

Lighting/Grip Equipment


Lighting & Grip Services

Dear Abigail is a drama about a transgender woman who survives a brutal attack only to be rejected by the woman who saves her, directed by Mari Patterson.


Other Services

Film Slate Marker

Commercial Production


Camera &

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